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No child left behind.
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If Your Child Feels:

• left behind in math class and “just doesn’t get it”.
• ahead of the math class and is unchallenged and bored.
• the need to regain a passion for math that will allow success in any situation that requires higher order mathematical ability.

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Prepare  Your Child for The  New  School  Year!
All Ages - All Grades
Our mission is to expose, educate, and empower youth, parents, teachers, pastors, and community leaders using the mathematical concepts developed by master educator and motivational speaker Kenneth Everett.

Over the past twenty-five (25) years, Kenneth Everett’s Math Revolution has reached thousands of individuals who have found this program to be an invaluable resource to understanding math without pencil, paper or calculator. Our slogan is “We write it on your brain before you write it on your paper.”
Math is not hard if you understand the principle concepts. Our goal is to continue to assist those who are struggling with math to STRUGGLE NO MORE.


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