Our Mission

The mission of Kenneth Everett’s Math Revolution is, as mathematics is a universal language, that the trademark Kenneth Everett’s Math Revolution will empower every novice and confused learners to properly learn the fundamental principles necessary to building a solid algebra foundation.

Our goal is to create a solid foundation in algebra that goes beyond just passing a standardized test, by starting from a point to introduce algebra concepts and strategies to learners as young as three years old. Our slogan is “We write it on your brain before you write it on your paper.”

- Kenneth Everett
Our Mission

How does it works

Kenneth Everett's Math Revolution is an Algebra program consisting of on-demand self-pace Algebra courses.

Students will have the pleasure to complete course lessons, quizzes, and activities online anywhere and anytime.

New course lessons and quizzes will be added.

How does it works

Program Instructor

  • Kenneth Everett

    Kenneth Everett

    As a math enthusiast and consultant, Kenneth Everett is a champion for student involvement and personal success for over thirty years. After receiving an Associate's degree from Richland College (1976), Everett finished his Bachelor of Science degree in Math and Psychology at East Texas State University in 1978. Shortly after, Kenneth Everett began teaching at Dallas ISD, and continued serving the Dallas community for over thirty years. He possesses Lifetime Texas Teacher Certification and currently holds Provisional Certification in Math and Psychology.

    "Mr. Everett came into our school and students learned concept in one hour that they did not know. We chose 34 of our most mathematically challenged students to see if he could motivate them. The student were so excited and eager to participate after an hour of instruction and positive reinforcement; we knew he was the teacher tutor we had been looking for". Roosevelt Nivens Principal Lancaster High School

    Today, Kenneth spends time introducing his Kenneth Everett Math Revolution (No Pencil No Paper No Calculator) algebra program to students, parents, teachers, principals, school districts and mayors of cities.

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Check to see if this program is for you or your learner?

We believe this program is for you or your learner if you:

  • want to start teaching your child certain algebra concepts as early as 3 years old.
  • are about to enter middle school, junior high or high school.
  • unprepared for the coming school year or math exams in algebra.
  • want to help your learner but don't understand some Algebra concepts
  • desires to learn an easier way to solve algebra problems
  • feel current after school math programs aren't helping.
  • are concerned about the long-tern success of your learner.
  • unchallenged, or bored, and needs to regain a passion for math that will allow success in higher order mathematical ability.
  • are home schooling your learners.
  • struggling to pass the math portion of the Generalist test.
  • are taken or going to take Developmental math at your local Community College.
  • are looking to improve your algebra abilities or scores on state mandatory test.
Check to see if this program is for you or your learner?

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