We're Making A Difference

by Jana Maturi, A Proud Parent

by Jana Maturi, A Proud Parent

"I have two teenage girls, one is a senior, and the other is an eighth-grader. They both hate math, and my senior failed the Math Exit TAKS. "

"I hired Kenneth to help my daughters and another teen who had failed the Math TAKS five times. After spending three hours with Kenneth, their confidence level soared, and all of my girls passed the TAKS."

by Pam Haley, A Loving Parent

by Pam Haley, A Loving Parent

"My daughter had failed the Math TAKS four times and was in serious jeopardy of not graduating. She hated math, and many tears had been shed because of it."

"I hired Kenneth, though my daughter was reluctant. After the first session, she walked out smiling, and I knew Kenneth made a difference. My daughter passed the Math TAKS the very next time and is in college."

Reasons Why You Should Choose Our Program

  • We Make Algebra Easy To Understand

    Teaching Algebra concepts to a 4 year old may not seem to make sense especially when Algebra seems so hard for older kids.

    We get it! Trying to teach Algebra to a 4 year old may seem impossible (that is to say) if you don’t start with a point. We teach algebra using simple engaging psychology that makes it easy for children to understand and remember e.g. coloring coding.

    The Kenneth Everett Math Revolution’s teaching methodologies will build a solid foundation for any child of any age.

  • We Help Children and Parents Understand Algebra

    You’re probably thinking, “I was never good at math. I don't think I can help my child.”

    Many parents aren’t good at math because many parents didn’t have the right math teacher. And this makes parents feel they can’t help their child.

    We address this issue. Kenneth Everett Math Revolution has successfully taught students algebra for more than 30 years, and we remove the fear that parents can’t help their child by helping parents relearn concepts they missed in school as their child learns.

  • Our Program Helps Children Regardless of Their School

    There are a lot of great schools out there, but unfortunately, it doesn’t guarantee your child won’t struggle in algebra. Why is this?

    When a child doesn’t not have a solid foundation in algebra he or she will struggle. It doesn't matter where or when the child attends school.

    Kenneth Everett Math Revolution builds a foundation for children with each lesson built on the first lesson.

Testimony from Joe Copeland

Founder, Community Enrichment Initiative

Listen to Joe Copeland’s first hand experience working with the Kenneth Everett Math Revolution.

Testimony from Mrs. Williams

Testimonials from Administration

Roosevelt Nivens

Principal Lancaster High School

Roosevelt Nivens

Mr. Everett came into our school as an instructional math tutor and students learned concepts in one hour that they did not know. The excitement and energy that he brings to the classroom is awesome to behold. We chose 34 of our most mathematical challenged students to see if he could motivate them. The students were so excited and eager to participate after an hour of instruction and positive reinforcement; we knew he was the teacher tutor we had been looking for.
Ramona Powers

Assist. Principal Lake Highlands High School

Ramona Powers

Mr. Everett is an innovative self-starter, who takes initiative in this math program. He is punctual and typically exceeds expectations in all areas of teaching. He is a great listener and connects well with At-Risk students. Mr. Everett’s methods got students (who would normally give excuses) to come to Saturday School for his sessions.
Jeff Jordan

Head Football Coach Garland High School

Jeff Jordan

Mr. Everett has developed a system for teaching young people that is amazing. The young people have learned things I did not think they could. Kenneth Everett Math Revolution is making a difference in the world.

Check to see if this program is for you or your learner?

We believe this program is for you or your learner if you:

  • Want to start teaching your child certain algebra concepts as early as 3 years old.
  • About to enter middle school, junior high or high school.
  • Unprepared for the coming school year or math exams in algebra.
  • Want to help your learner but don't understand some Algebra concepts
  • Desires to learn an easier way to solve algebra problems
  • Feel current after school math programs aren't helping.
  • Concerned about the long-tern success of your learner.
  • Unchallenged, or bored, and needs to regain a passion for math that will allow success in higher order mathematical ability.
  • Home schooling your learners.
  • Struggling to pass the math portion of the Generalist test.
  • Taken or going to take developmental math at your local Community College.
  • Looking to improve your algebra abilities or scores on state mandatory test.
Check to see if this program is for you or your learner?

Testimony from Public Officials

Billy Mazur

Municipal Court Judge

Billy Mazur

"I put my grandson, who struggles with Math, in your system. He did if for about an hour and he liked it!"

Watch: Judge Mazur - Pt 1

Watch: Judge Mazur - Pt 2

Program Instructor

  • Kenneth Everett


    Kenneth Everett

    As a math enthusiast and consultant, Kenneth Everett is a champion for student involvement and personal success for over thirty years. After receiving an Associate's degree from Richland College (1976), Everett finished his Bachelor of Science degree in Math and Psychology at East Texas State University in 1978. Shortly after, Kenneth Everett began teaching at Dallas ISD, and continued serving the Dallas community for over thirty years. He possesses Lifetime Texas Teacher Certification and currently holds Provisional Certification in Math and Psychology.

    Today, Kenneth spends time introducing his Kenneth Everett Math Revolution (No Pencil No Paper No Calculator) algebra program to students, parents, teachers, principals, school districts and mayors of cities.

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Frequently Ask Questions

  • What's the earliest age my child can start with your courses?

    You can start teaching your child certain algebra concepts with the Kenneth Everett Math Revolution as early as 3 years old.

  • How does it work?

    Kenneth Everett's Math Revolution is an Algebra program consisting of Algebra courses that cover certain algebra concepts that students struggle to understand.

    Students will have the pleasure to complete course lessons, quizzes, and activities online anywhere and anytime.

    New course lessons and quizzes will be added when needs or improvement insights develop.

  • My child is about to enter middle school. Would your course be able to help?

    Yes. Our lessons help kids who are about enter middle school, junior high or high school.

  • My children are homeschoolers. Would this be right for them?

    Absolutely. Our lessons are perfect for homeschoolers learning algebra.