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Colleagues and Friends,

I would like to thank Mr. Everett for the outstanding job he did assisiting our struggling students with TAKS Test Taking Strategies. Mr. Everett was both professional and thorough during the time he worked with our students. He was challenged to improve our students' performance on TAKS as well as within the classroom. Based on our 2010 TAKS scores, Mr. Everett not only met the challenge but exceeded our expectations. 

Mr. Everett is both a dynamic teacher and motivational speaker. He was able to build a rapport with groups as large as 75 students. Our students were engaged during his entire Knowledge + Skills session and often reported that they were beginning to understand more in the classroom due to the unique perspective provided by Mr. Everett regarding math.

Nimitz High school is appreciative of the work Mr. Everett is doing to help students embrace math. His enthusiasm, knowledge and skill provide students an opportunity to learn without limitations. Those students who we thought may not meet the standard performed as well or getter than those students who were on target to pass. We believe this result is due to the strategies provide by Mr. Everett from his Knowledge + Skills Concept Book.

Thank you Knowledge + Skills for all you do. We would like to highly recommend Mr. Everett and his team to schools looking for innovative ways to affect the performance of students in math.

Rick Nolly, Principal
Nimitz High School
June 9, 2010

Rick Nolly, Principal

Mr. Everett’s Knowledge + Skills concept book and his no pencil, no paper and no calculator program is the only program that has helped my son gain a level of self-efficacy that enabled him to tackle the exit level test after failing it twice. I can say without reservation that Mr. Everett is a miracle worker and that I have observed his ability to work miracles first hand with my own child.

 Being an English teacher, I am very familiar with TAKS. I have taught students in grades 4-12 TAKS objectives and skills related to English/language arts. I know that when students perceive themselves to be unable to tackle the skills and concepts they are being asked to demonstrate mastery over, they frequently fail. This failure reinforces the belief that they cannot achieve the goal, and it creates a sense of hopelessness and futility. I have seen this phenomenon occur repeatedly in the classroom with English/language arts.

 Fortunately, my son is very strong in English/language arts, so he had no problems passing the TAKS exit level test for English, social studies, and even for science. When it came to math TAKS, he hit a wall. He has always struggled with math concepts from middle school all the way through high school. Every math credit he earned was a painful ordeal that included frustration, failure, anger, untold hours of paid and unpaid tutoring, and many, many tearful prayers for enough points to pass with the minimum points necessary. Eventually, he acquired all the credits required for graduation in math and in all other subjects. The only obstacle to graduation was the math exit level TAKS. After failing it twice, he felt utterly defeated and hopeless. In his heart, he believed that he had done his very best and he understood that, according to the state of Texas, his best was not good enough. He saw this as a barrier he could not overcome. Even getting him to agree to attempt more tutoring was a major chore because the math experience had left him feeling so deflated and so unequipped. He had truly given up.

 Watching my child go through the same process I had witnessed other students struggling with (in English/language arts) was heart-breaking. I was powerless to help him. In desperation, I prayed for help. The next day, I received a call from Mr. Everett, whom I had had the privilege of working with in Dallas ISD years ago. He informed me that he had started his own company, Knowledge + Skills. I immediately latched on to this bit of good news as the answer to my desperate prayer. I do not believe in coincidences, but I totally believe in living a charmed life full of blessing and provision. Excitedly, I spoke with Mr. Everett about my son’s situation, and he agreed to work with him. Keep in mind that my son had only three weeks before he had to take the exit level TAKS math test for the third time when Mr. Everett and I arranged a meeting for them both.

 Mr. Everett worked with my son on two separate occasions on math concepts and on test taking skills. I won’t say that my son enjoyed the first session because he went into it feeling that there was no help or hope for him. Mr. Everett’s obvious love and care for children and his motivational and inspirational attitude helped him connect with my son. Ken was able to buoy my son’s self-confidence enough to get him to work on some of the math objectives and to get him to agree to a second session. During the second session, they worked for over two hours, which I thought was pretty spectacular in itself because my son usually does not have that long of an attention span for math. Mr. Everett worked with him to master a few critical concepts that encompassed several objectives. He patiently covered and re-covered math basics and skills and taught my son test-taking skills that he could immediately apply. He instilled a sense of confidence and hope in a boy who has always struggled with math.

 I am overjoyed to say that I received a notification from my son’s counselor at Plano Senior High School that he has passed his math TAKS and is now eligible for graduation. Now, my son has registered for college classes and starts attending class during the summer semester. Now, instead of worrying over the stagnation and depression of not being able to progress, he is researching which major he wants to pursue in college. He is looking forward and moving forward, all thanks to Mr. Everett and his Knowlege + Skills concept book. 

Words are inadequate to express my profound gratitude and appreciation for Mr. Everett and his Knowledge + Skills concept book. He is truly making a difference in the lives of the children he touches and teaches. My family has been richly blessed to be one of the many recipients of his energy and his vision. I know that Mr. Everett will continue to make a positive impact on the lives of so many other children and their families, instilling hope and confidence where there was none before. I am privileged to call him my friend, my co-worker, and my brother in Christ. I will be happy to provide any information you desire, so please feel free to email me at certpertrainer@yahoo.com.

Plano East Senior High School
3000 Los Rios Blvd.
Plano, TX  75074

Penny M. Aguirre, English IV Team Leader

I would like to express my gratitude for the attention you gave Sydni last week, each evening to prepare her for the Standardized Tests she faces for the second time around. Her mother and I are amazed at how interested and eager she is to use your formula to solve her math problems correctly and efficiently without paper or pencil. Before you showed her your Knowledge + Skills Concept method she hated to work math and algebra problems because she felt she didn’t have the mind for it. Now, since you taught her this unique approach she is much more confident. Confident is truly the key in getting a young mind like hers to learn and give the drive to succeed

I am eager for you to cone to Teaneck and work with the Board of Education here to give other students a chance through your method to tackle those problems on the SATs and ACTs which I always felt are an unfair measurement to judge a student as they prepare to further their education on the college level. I will put you in touch with a friend of mine named Pat Butler who is on the Board of Education to make your visit possible.

Once again, thanks so much for helping my daughter and sending your valuable Knowledge + Skills Concept book for her to keep and share. If you would like to use me  for a reference, please feel free to do so.

Diversity Publishing Company
96 Linwood Plaza, PMB #325

Fort Lee, NJ 07024

Isaac Lester, Jr. President

I was the parent of son with mediocre at attitude towards mathematics. His attitude was based on a lack of enthusiasm and uninspiring techniques practice by his teachers throughout Junior High and High School. Occasionally he would get a few good grades in his required math course, but mainly maintained a C to C+ average. He found it difficult to hold onto many of the concepts needed to well in those lessons much less for future lesson.

This lack of understanding and enthusiasm came to a head with the Math TAKS test. He would do well enough in the fall short by one or two problem, and he did this throughout 11thand 12thgrade. The tutorials provided by the school did not help him get over the hump. In search for other solutions, a friend recommended we contact Kenneth. They told us that he has quite a bit of success with kids at all levels.

The first day that Kenneth came by I sat with him and my son to watch the transaction. I was amazed at how my son responds to him. I saw him smile for the first time while learning how to easily handled difficult problems. Something he wouldn’t do for me when I tried to tutor him. Kenneth broke down many tough concepts into simple easy steps that I had not seen before, and I’m an Engineer that knows how solve those problems. By the end of the first two hours session my son could work problems that he surely would have passed or given up on while in class or a test!

During subsequent training session it was clear that Kenneth’s easy to follow steps, along with his graphical approach, and easy going personality was a winner with my son. I cannot stress enough that his friendly, non-confrontational style really put my son at ease. There wasn’t a hit of frustration by Kenneth or my son whenever they had to go over a concept again.

Kenneth’s approach of building or rebuilding the foundation of a kid’s math skills is easy to digest and fast. He comes prepared with lesson on his laptop and work problems from paper, while teaching new math concepts from the laptop.

As I have stated earlier I’m an engineer that is currently working at Texas Instruments and I know math. His approach to teaching lesson is easy to understand, and more importantly it’s accurate. I would recommend Kenneth and his approach to any institution of learning.

As far as I am concerned Kenneth lit a spark in my son that I did not know could be relit again. 

Richardson, TX


R. Buford

My senior failed the Math Exit TAKS the first go round and was ready to give up. I hired Kenneth to tutor her here at Lake Highlands along with another troubled student who was taking the TAKS for the fifith and final time. His power point presentation and his positive attitude were totally noticed by the girls. After only three, one-hour sessions with Mr. Everett, their confidence level soared. Both girls passed the TAKS and will be graduating with their class. How fun it is to see the smiles. What a difference he made in their life.
Mr. Everett met with my 8th grader on a Sunday afternoon. She has been failing Algebra 1 and also ready to give up. Understanding the basics of Algebra 1 is so important and I could not imagine her already at a loss. After one hour with Mr. Everett she had a smile from ear to ear on her face and was so excited that she finally "GOT" Math. This coming from someone who was so negative about even being tutored.... WOW! Her confidence is so high she is now helping her friends. Passing on what Mr. Everett has instilled in her.
I am so appreciative of Mr. Everett. If he can help turn the "math attitudes" of my children around, I know he can do the same for others.

J. Maturi

My Daughter was a senior at Lake Highlands High School 2007-2008, had failed the Math TAKS four times and was in serious jeopardy of not graduating. She is a writer and artist, and words cannot express how much she HATED math, how tears had been shed during her twelve years of school because of math, and her fear of not being able to graduate. After speaking with Kenneth over the phone. I decided to contract tutoring session with him. My daughter was VERY reluctant (in a very "teenager" way), stating nothing had ever helped before and this would not help either.

After the first one-hour session, she actually walked out SMILING, and I could immediately tell that Kenneth had made a difference. This horrible thing called math began to make sense and she realized she could actually get it. She had several more sessions-each one just as successful and positive. She was so impressed and happy, she got my son (who had already graduated and was in college), to have a private session so Kenneth could teach him how to take notes and study. My son was also just as impressed. My darghter passed the Math TAKS the very next time, graduated and is now in college. 
Kenneth Everett truly has the gift- and I do mean gift- of teaching. His enthusiasm and excitement are very contagious, and everyone who has the opportunity to not only work with him, but know him, will be truly blessed.

Lake Highlands High School

P. Haley

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