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Knowledge + SkillsStaff Development will provide the help needed to create better teachers for all students including those students that are at risk of failing the math portion of  the TAKS TEST and  STAAR TEST.  Knowledge + Skills will show teachers an easy approach to math concepts and test taking strategies that are needed for students to be successful on any math test including the new STAAR TEST that will replace the TAKS TEST.

Teachers can benefit from Knowledge + Skills strategies that will help their students build a solid foundation in math that goes beyond just passing the TAKS TEST or STAAR TEST. Knowledge + Skills Staff Development will show teachers new strategies that can improve the student’s confidence in math. This staff development will show teachers how to motivate students that are struggling with math to view math completely different. Student’s self-confidence and faith in their abilities must be restored and Knowledge + Skills Staff Development can help teacher accomplish that for their students.

Knowledge + SkillsStaff Development:

Can aid teachers in classroom management.
Can help motivate teachers.
Can show teachers a NO PENCIL, NO PAPER, approach to some concepts.
Can help teachers become more productive in the classroom.
Can change the attitudes of some teachers.
Can show teachers different ways to access students understanding.
Can help teachers keep students interested in math.
Can show teachers test taking strategies that will help with at risk students.
Can show teachers how to motivate their students.
Can help teachers with students that struggle with math and taking test.
Can help teachers bring closure to the lesson.

 Knowledge + SkillsStaff Development can help:

The Principal
The Teachers
The Students
The School
 The Community

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