Kenneth Everett

Education Background

·         Graduated from Richardson High School in 1974
·         Received a AA Degree from Richland College in 1976
·         Received a BS Degree in Math and Psychology from East Texas State University in 1978
·         Life Time Texas Teacher Certificate

Description of Certificate(s)

     ·      Provisional High School Mathematics
     ·      Provisional High School Psychology

Over 20 years of teaching Algebra 

W. H. Adamson High School
·         First year at Adamson, Mr. Everett taught Algebra to the ESOL students (students that had a hard time speaking English). After two weeks with the ESOL students the school found a Spanish speaking math teacher but Mr. Everett’s students requested to stay with him. By teaching his students Knowledge + Skills concepts and test taking skills, those ESOL students scored higher than most of the regular Algebra students.

James Madison High School
    ·      Taught over 5 years and made a different that resulted in students having higher math test scores. After Principal Robert 
           Ward became the superintendent of Dallas Can he  immediately hired Mr. Everett to become one of his Math Specialists.

Texas Charter Schools- Math Specialist/Consultant
    ·         Travelled to at all the Dallas and Ft. Worth Area Can Schools 
    ·         Travelled to all the  San Antonio, Austin and Houston Can Schools
    ·         Taught test taking skills for math to teachers and students  

Other schools Mr. Everett worked with to improve TAKS scores and introduce his math concepts and test taking strategies to the teachers.

Dallas ISD
W. W Samuel High
Seagoville High
A. Maceo Smith High
H. Grady Spruce High
Lincoln High
L. G. Pinkston High
Fred F. Florence Middle School
Edward Titche Elementary

Richardson ISD
Lake Highland High School

Irving ISD
Nimitz High School

McKinney ISD
McKinney North

Lancaster ISD
Lancaster High School

Evolution Academy Charter School


    ·         Professional Development and Appraisal System (PDAS)
    ·         36 hour Instructional Leadership Development
    ·         Scope and Sequence Mathematic Workshop presented by Margaret Kilgo, Presidents & CEO Kilgo Consulting, Inc.
    ·         Positive Behavior support
    ·         Algebra 1 Content Update & STAAR EOC

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